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    OK, so this guy I know wants to run a crazy cycle, check it out.

    So he sold his test because it was giving him high blood pressure, a preexisting condition he already had.

    So now he wants to diet, using Winstrol (he's into day 3, 5 10mg oral tabs, just bumped to 6 10mg tabs).

    He plans to start running Clen .

    I would never recommend something like this, but is there a way to make this cycle work for dieting purposes? To hold on to the muscle while cutting the fat off?

    When would you pct after this? Isn't Winstrol half life like 1-2 days? Would you run HCG at the end? How long of a PCT of maybe nolvadex /clomid would you run?

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    I personally never run oral cycles without some Test. PCT after a oral cycle is just like any other AAS cycle. I use nolva and clomid. I still run 4 weeks.

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    If he has high BP I dont recommend him any cycle...

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    Quote Originally Posted by atton View Post
    If he has high BP I dont recommend him any cycle...
    Agreed. Winny is suppresive just like the others.

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    Every anabolic iv ever used raises my blood pressure. He could do it but he'll likely feel like crap without test and its possible his libido will take a big hit too.

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    Something that is only lightly androgenic , injectable, and non-aromatizing will increase BP the least (I'm basically talking about Primo). Most other compounds will raise your BP quite a bit, either from water retention, androgenic effect, glycogen retention, or increased RBC. Winstrol counts as an oral, even if injected.

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