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    IS now the time?

    I have been reading the threads and trying to decide if a cycle is even worth my time. I cycled when I was young and stupid but now try to get educated before I do anything. So should I even be looking to try out AAS?

    I have always been a hard gainer (skinny). I started working out consistently around 2.5 years ago.

    Current stats:
    28 years old
    6' 3"
    185 lbs (heaviest Ive ever been)
    dont know my BF%
    4-5 days heay lifting 1+hour
    2 days cardio 1 hour
    4-5 meals/day

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    From what I`ve learned sofar on this forum I think the pro`s would say: "Not unless you hit your plateau!" Since because of your age your metabolism start recently changing been heaviest at 185 lbs is just the beginning. With 6`3" height you should be well over at least 200-210 lbs. The only way to get there - enforcing LOTS of quality foods in your mouth. I believe taking gear alone won`t put meat on your bones. My opinion.

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    185 at 6'3 is very skinny! This means your diet needs work. If you cant get to 200 naturally then you shouldnt use aas. If you increase your calories to 20- 25 kcals per lb of bodywieght you will start making gains. so for 185lbs this means 3,800-4,600 cals per day. If you are not at this then this is where you need to focus. When cycles are done and you are not eating this way you will lose everything you gained and somtimes even more

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    ^^^ pretty spot on. You could cycle, but the benefits wouldn;t be as great and the risk of injury high if your wourkouts & diet are not on. Rarely does anyone see the end of their genetic potential before starting, but you do need to get the other things fixed. Lower the cardio to 30 min's weekly. Eat about 400 grams of quality pro with min supplementaion, start about 275 grams of good carbs, (oat, rice, whole grains, etc) and maybe 70-100 grams of quality fat, Not sat fat.

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    Thanks for the look and the advice. The quality of my diet is great, but I knew the quantity would be a problem. I will change it up.

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    Hit the diet will be 205...

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