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    Young and 1st cycle for 6 weeks.

    Hi im 17, im 6ft 4 and weigh 11st and am extremly skinny, i am looking to put on alot of weight and my friend recommended that i should try steroids , i cannot remember which steroid he named, but i will be finding out tomorrow, im would be taking it for 6 weeks and i think its known as a bulking steroid and should put some reasonable weight on me. the reason im doing this as i do not think that 6 weeks is going to do my body alot of harm, the only downside i see is that they are oral steroids , and these are toxic to the liver. but 6 weeks doesnt seem so bad, and i really badly want the weight gain, as eating lots of food doeasnt work very well as i have an extremly high motabolism. i entering this world of steroid for a very short time but with no knowledge im a little scared, i was wondering what you guys thought who use steroids all the time, i was also going to consult my doctor to maybe checkup on my body after the cycle at around 10 weeks. many thanks guys for reading this and helping me


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    Your gonna get ripped apart on here man. At 17 years old, you have alot of natural test and if you diet correctly you can see some noticeable gains. Running steroids at such a young age really isnt good for you. Hopefully someone else will chime in but there are alot of threads about this, search "first" in this section and you'll see a bunch of threads regarding it.

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    Yeah bro you can really mess yourself up.Read the youg and steroids its a thread here.All you need is a good diet bro.Good luck.

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    Dude eat till you puke. You also need to be 18 to be a member hear so before you get banned head over to the diet section and read the how to bulk thread. Please stay way from steroids for like another 10 years.

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    someone said this a while ago and i liked it:

    the roid you're looking for is "food-osterone"

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    Yeah Food-osterone... i like that....

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    Do a 6 year increased calorie cycle and supplement it with creatine and multi-vitamins. Then do a 2 year PCT adding 50g protein and 400 calories a day to your current cycle. Message me for any questions

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