Hey guys,

I've used Test Enantato 350 on four different occasions. I have a friend who has done countless cycles and seems to know quite a bit about steroids . In the past, he had me take Test 350 for eight weeks at one CC every five to six days. I told him I was not interested in going big-- just in cleaning up (cutting fat and building muscle) more quickly than I would without steroids. He explained that the cycle he suggested I take was relatively weak.

I now am interested in seriously bulking up. I went and talked to him and he suggested that I take the Test 350, which I recently purchased. He suggested I stack it with Deca and D. Bol. He said the cycle would take five weeks. He suggested I take three pills of DBol daily, as well as one CC of Deca and one of Test two times a week (a total of two CCs of Deca and two of DBol weekly). I have not purchased the DBol and the Deca yet.

What are your thoughts on this? He told me that the combination of Test, Deca, and DBol will blow me up and that, in a nutshell, that is the way to go. Do you guys have any suggestions on this? Thanks.