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    is it enough

    i have been stuck at 17st for years despite taking juice. i am now taking 5 dianabol a day, 2ml of andropen 275 on a monday, 2ml of deca on a wednesday and 2ml of sus 350 on a friday is that enough to get lumpy -- i mean proper lumpy?

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    Sounds like you need to hit the diet section bro.They will help you out.

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    Yeah hit the diet section here Post your diet there and get some of the knowledgeable people to critique it. I though i ate properly until i really started to research. Even on AAS if you dont eat enough your not going to grow and its a total waste of time and money best of luck.

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    This has to be a troll.. sounds like the beginning of a 'Victorian Guy' post

    PRO'S seminar ends in DISASTER!!


    A well known pro won't be at any upcoming shows. He is most displeased, and blames me, of all people!

    The following is a true story.

    Last week, a well-known pro bodybuilder, who I won't name, contacted me and let me know that he wanted to hold a bodybuilding seminar, charging people the equivalent of 25 American dollars each to hear his training, nutrition, and supplement advice.
    Things didn't go very well...and now he is quite angry with me.

    He had asked for my help in organizing the promotion of his seminar, and I told him that I would be DELIGHTED to take care of that end of things. I hired graphic artists, and personally oversaw the designing of advertising posters that featured the pro's picture, and "TAKE BLOODY ****ING CHARGE!" in large, red, blood-dripping letters across the top. The smaller script read:
    "Get ****ing HUGE- scare your mates, your teachers, and your parents! SQUASH bastard enemies like beetles! Learn how to eat, train, inject, how to smuggle and/or import steroids ... come to the show, and get a bottle of anadrol for free, to get you started!"

    I thought it was smashing, and so did Nobby! I had hundreds of posters made, and Nobby and I posted them in places that we KNEW would draw whomever saw them to the seminar- we went around elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, homes for disturbed youth, the local snooker hall, local playgrounds...a truly heroic effort, I must say. We put the posters up everywhere, and personally encouraged people to attend. Tickets sold quickly.

    I also managed to rent a community centre hall for very cheap- mind you, it was in the east end of London, amongst the slums!

    The big day came-
    The pro showed up to the community centre and, on entering the large auditorium, stood gaping at the crowd. A sea of mostly boys, aged 12-21, met his eyes. Many of them had shaved heads, bomber jackets, wore combat boots, t-shirts emblazoned with swastikas or skulls, and had swastikas tattooed on their foreheads. A jolly group of little rascals!

    He then saw for the first time the poster I had made. He said "For ****'s sakes, mate, what the **** is this? Bloody kids! ****ing anadrol...I could get in serious shit...!!!"
    A look of true distress, anger, and who knows what else came over his face.
    No sooner had he spoken than 10 police officers arrived, and escorted him out in handcuffs- he began sobbing! When they found the 3 crates (1000 bottles) of anadrol I had generously supplied, and asked whose they were, I simply pointed my thumb in the direction of the pro bodybuilder as he was being led away. "They're his!" I quipped.
    "Well, I'll be off then" I said innocently, and Nobby and I left- but not before Nobby grabbed the mic and yelled "Now, **** off you lot, you aint gettin no anadrol tonight, show's over- no bloody refunds, bahstahds! G'wan...FOOK OFF!!" he screamed, then threw the mic and the podium at the angry crowd of disturbed youth!
    Chairs soon became airborne, the sound of windows smashing filled the air, and screaming erupted...a true riot was underway!

    Luckily, we made it out of the community centre, and drove out of the parking lot just as the ensuing riot, which saw the burning down of the community center, 3 people killed and scores injured, got underway.
    We both laughed heartily as Nobby floored the Rolls Royce and we sped away from the scene of calamity!

    So, brothers, looks like a certain pro bbder is out of the game for the next several years....

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    yep. agree with the mate above me. understand your bmr, and then go several hundred calories above that per day. you will gain weight.

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