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    painful lump at injection site?

    ive been injecting my quads for a while and i seem to have developed a a little lump at one of the injection sites. i thought nothing of it at first and didnt really notice it as it didnt cause me any pain and figured it would go away. ive now had it for maybe 3 weeks and its starting to cause me a bit of pain when i put pressure on it. the lump is very small and about the size of a coin (10p coin in UK). it is also a bit red. does not feel warm though.
    could this be infection? bruise?

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    i had the same issue with glute not too long ago it was a lump and it hurt like a muther fcker and it was red but 2 weeks it got better and now fine 3 weeks sounds like a long time if it hasnt gotten better by now i think maybe you should go see your doc now it shouldnt be getting worse if so doc asap man

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    HAHA its pretty common sense if its getting worse rather than better pretty clear to go to the doctor.

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    If it's red, hurts and warm then most likely it's an infection and you need to see a doctor to get antibiotics unless they are OTC there like many places.

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