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Thread: now what

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    now what

    in a previous post i relayed the horrors of mty sore nipples, i took 40mg nolva for four days, yesterday i only took one tab 20mg and my nipples got sore a bit, should i keep taking 40mg and also im supposed to have a 500mg test enanthate date tonight, should i put out or get out, what im asking is that i have three weeks left out of a ten week cycle , do i finish even though i have become super sensitive to gyno?

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    in all honesty its your call, only you know how bad youre hurting right now. if you think the 40mg of nolva is doing the trick, then stay on it and finish your cycle. if you think its hurting too much and your only gonna worry with every shot then i say bail...............

    peace bb79

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    Is surgery worth a few weeks of being on the gear your desicion it sounds like your very suseptiable to gyno

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    Were you the one who went on the mad rush all over town to go get your stuff? And NOW, you say it's not working???

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