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    Cool 25yr old 1st cycle.......2 test + nap 50's then stanazalol 50's 2 finish????

    Hey guys
    this is my first post on here and also my 1st cycle (on jabs at least)
    ive taken naps a few times before but thats about it and ive also taken stanazalol to cut up with.
    but i want to get size and cut up at the same time..............i'm 6ft, 85kg, low fat and training 4/5 times a week.
    ive been told to take 2 test twice a week (think he means test 200?) (2ml twice a wk) ive also seen someone mention stacking on here with naposim 50's then 10 days after the cycle starting on stanazalol/winstrol or maybe clem?
    just some general advice please as im looking to go from 13stone to roughly 15stone and be lean muscle, low fat with good definition
    appreciate any help guys thanks!!

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    Best advice is not to do anything until you have a better grasp on what you are talking about putting into your body. 2ml x2 a week? i assume that your "friend" is talking about 200mg/ml which would equate to 800mg a week...And if you are unsure the difference of stacking winstrol or taking clen then I rest my case..Do some reading before you try anything..
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    my advice is to read the old posts on this forum and educate yourself about AAS.. why would you risk your health about something you know nothing about.. educate yourself about the different compounds and different cycles.. also.. learn what PCT is and apply a good protocol.

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