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    extreme pump/ pain in my lumbar back. ? normal?

    after i started cycle.. test , deca , tren , anadrol ... i get some serious pain /p ump i kinda feel like im traning my back hard when im at work or use my lumbar back.... ivve read that u can get big pumps in back and leggs.. so is it normal?? i havnt noticed anything in leggs but my lumber back , damn... i have to sit down at work sometimes cus it |hurts so much,,:/

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    if ur pumps are lasting so long that it interferes with ur daily life, u need to hydrate more and stretch more. Inflexibility is what keeps the pump in, and not let it out.. which freakin hurts like u know..

    go get a deep tissue massage if u need to and stretch...
    if ur on ur feet all day, could be the sign of a hidden problem...

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    i only notice it at work if im doing something that affect my back extra... isnt so bad but when im doing work that goes on back all day it sux a bit.. need soem extra breaks.. but..

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    Probaly from the Abombs.Thats a lot of compounds.Hope you got some caber on hand.

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