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    500mg test e 6 week blood test results

    Hey Guys..
    Well im 7 weeks into my cycle now.. Had my mid cycle blood tests done at exactly 6 weeks.

    Here are the results:

    My pre cycle test levels were 22nmol/L and the normal range was 10 - 33

    My Mid cycle blood results after doing 500mg of test e for 6 weeks were 143 nmol/L and the normal range is 5 - 25

    That means my test levels are currently 6 times the natural max level.. Pretty good I think? Would it be safe to say that going by these results my gear really good?

    My Liver results came back and the only concern was that the AST was 74 U/L and the normal range is 0 - 41 but the doc didnt really seem concerned and said it will most likely go back down when i finish this cycle

    BP was normal also... Im very happy with these results...

    Weight is just under 90 kgs atm so im up 7 kgs scince day 1 of the cycle..

    Any feedback would be great!


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    Not much feedback ,

    everything seems fine.

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    what's a kg???


    Yes, keep the diet in check and make the most of the cycle..
    The answer to your every question


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    cheers guys

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