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    When To Take Nolvadex

    I have been taking a testoterone blend of propionate , cyprionate and enathanate for about 7 weeks. The results have been great. I have become stronger and leaner. I take about 500 mgs every week. At what point do I start taking the Nolvadex at the end of the cycle or during. I have not incurred any side effects. My sex drive is the same, no titties, no bloating. And how long do I take the nolvadex for? And how long is a typical Testosterone Cylce?

    The testosterone is called TB 400 from helix biotech

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    now you wanna know, do u always just jump into stuff with your eyes closed
    stats please
    age weight
    yrs training

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    you should have you pct panned and bought before cycle, just in case something goes wrong. You might want to look into clomid and nolva for your pct. Tons of info in the pct section about dosing and time to start after last injection.

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    i already have the nolvadex . i am 44 6'0 and weight 194. been training for 6 years. This is the first time i have taken something to help with the gains. I am not looking to get huge. I am training for a triathlon that takes place on august 28th. Was going to stack Winstrol on top of the test. I have only been taking around 200mg a week of teste not 500.

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