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    Thumbs up Finabolon Stacked With Test Enanthate

    I am about one week off a stack of test prop. and d-bol. I ran the stack for 8 weeks and was pleased with the results. The only problem is I did not notice a big size gain! My diet is SUPER clean (LOTS of protein)and my workouts have been well planned. I went from 170lbs to 180 lbs. My bench max went from 245 lbs to 300 lbs as of today. I plan on waiting 8 weeks and beginning another cycle. I had a friend who did a cycle in 1995 with test 200 and finajet. I have done tons of research on finajet and from what I understand it is no longer made. I did find something called Finabolon that is supposed to be the same thing. My main goal here is to get bigger and ripped at the same time. I would not mind running a stack for 10-12 weeks, and I do not want anything to weak. Can anybody out there give me some info on this type stack, and especially about Finabolon. There is not much info ANYWHERE, that I could find! If no one can help with Finabolon please give me some ideas about a strong stack/cycle good for getting bigger and lean/cut at the same time. Thanks for all the help bros!

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    3,181 - all your fina questions answered there.

    id run prop and fina with dbol . do a search on all three- theres a wealth of info on the site...

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    When I used fina I would hit it at least eod if not ed youll love the results....

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