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Thread: cycle question

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    cycle question

    hey bros
    i have enanthate 200, cypionate 200, deca 300, propionate 100
    and liquid d-bol any advice for 2nd cycle? 1st cycle was t-400 and sten had pretty good results with 1st cycle but i am looking to get more size at a faster rate.

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    run the enanthate or the cyp at 600mgs per week and the deca at 400mgs per week for 10 weeks. you liquid dbol is probably 25mgs per cc so run it at 50mgs per day for 4 weeks. you could switch out to prop for the last 3 weeks but that would be pointless because you will still be on deca a full 10 weeks. save the pro for next time bro.

    split your deca and test into 2 different shot per week. 200deca mixed with 200 test on sunday and wednesday.

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    Ah alias nothing to add BK has got that nailed.

    A good idea to think about an anti'e or an aromatise inhibitor to off set gyno. Armidex/Liquidex though expensive can off-set bloat and prevent the AAS from aromatising, ig not ensure you have some tamoxifen on hand incase gyno arises.

    This is said a lot but Silymarin (milk thistle) is important whilst taking the D-Bol, with liquid or not it is still c17aa.
    Ms Figure

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