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    Surgery And Juice?!?!

    I've got a buddy of mine, who has a shoulder injury (torn rotator cuff)... he was planning his cycle almost was ready to go, and then he tears his rotator. Anyway, get this... he has schedualed surgery now in 2 weeks. Do you think it would help him to do some sort of juicing during healing time? Not neccesarily lifting as well, but dieting and cycling something? And if so ... what? Please help us out bros, thanks a ton.

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    i would say no

    for two, the shoulderneeds to heal naturallyand any excelerated growth may causehim to tearit again.two, because god forbidthereis any bacteria in the gear while he is healing, it may effect him adversely after he'sjust been cut.

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    definately no! I just had surgery today, and let me tell you, i would not be able to even work out for a while. (knee surgery). I strongly agree with partyboy and if it were me, i would wait about 2 months or so to even think about juicing

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    I am starting my cycle in 2 weeks and i was released from the Hospital 2 months ago, it took me 2 months get back into shape, i would wait because trust me there is now way youll be back to how you where in such a short period of time, get back to how you naturally were then juice from then on. (after surgery of course)

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