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    Ttokko uderdosed?

    I found an article in the new Planet Muscle Magazine that says they had a registered lab in Salt Lake City test some AS and found the results to be different than whet was on the labels. For example, Ttyokko 10mg Dianabol can back as an average of 9mg of Winstrol . They also said it could be someone counterfeiting the lab's products/labes. Also that their Dianabol tablets and Anavar tablets are exact same size, thickness, taste, and shape as their winstrol but just dyed different colors.
    They also said that Brovels Test 200 was supposed to contain 200 mg of test eth. but only contained 130 mg.
    The article is in volume 4, number 5 2001 issue of Planet Muscle on page 13 if anyone wants to check it out.

    I wanted to pass this along to see what everone else thinks about it and see if anyone else has heard this or something similar. I'm curious myself as to see if its true or not.

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    Ttokkio anavar-dbol

    Can't say for certain, but I'm using Ttokkio Anavar right now and it is definitely NOT dbol . I went off dbol - Thai dbol from another source- a few months ago and the response I get from the Anavar is nothing like dbol. Dbol has that certain feeling of well being associated with it (not a myth in my experience- I feel better on dbol than anything else). Don't think teh Ttokkio Anavar is all that good a product as far as I can tell right now. Can't help you with the underdosing question, but lots of folks seem to like Ttokkio peroducts here, including me.

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    I was told by one of my sources that the ttokkyo 300mg deca that he had tested out to be only about 200mg. Not sure how accurate this is, but that's what they are saying.

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