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Thread: hair problems

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    hair problems

    i have a bit of a problem with my hair doesnt ever fall out but it looks thin and you can see my scalp if there is sun shining down on my head.
    i was wondering is there anything available that anyone has used that will make your hair thinker and allow new hair to grow in my scalp.
    and im not going to shave my head as ive already tried this method.

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    Dude try proscar you can get it over the internet and its not as expensive as its counterpart propecia and its one of the few things out there that works

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    Hair loss
    There is a drug called Minoxidil that showed promising results for hair growth as early as 1970. The biggest breakthrough came from from the Upjohn pharmaceutical company. Upjohn was in the middle of test on a antihypertensive drug when they noticed certain side effects mainly hair growth. It can only be prescribed through your doctor. BE WARNED. Almost every drug from rogaine on down may regenerated hair growth BUT it will be at the expense of lowered TEST levels. That is bad news for any bodybulider.
    You can check this site out. There is an article from Nam Man on 1) First go to
    2) Click onto the enter button
    3) At the top of the page click onto
    the article icpn
    4) Scroll down to the "Balding and
    Steriod use by Nam Man"
    The read is really boring and it disscusses different drugs from the one mentioned above, however, it has alot of good info in it. Good luck.


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    the only place that i think is worth visiting for hair problem relating to aas is they know there shit for sure have a look


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