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    Does xanax hinder gains?

    I am doing a cycle of

    1-10 400 mg per week deca
    1-10 500 per week of test ethanate
    1-4 30 mg per day dbol
    1-10 25 mg per day of proviron
    clomid and hcg per cycle

    my current med prescript is 1 mg 3 times daily, but from my research it seems to bind to the same receptors as AAS does..anyone got experience with this?? i searched the boards high and low and i found info on xanax..but not how it impacts gains..i mean i would rather deal without the xanax for my cycle if it impacts it..please post a reply and dont just read this..thanks!

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    I read in the Anabolics 2002 that Valium, which is almost the same as Xanax, helps to block cortisol levels in the body. Cortisol ain't good for your muscles so I'd say Xanax wouldn't hurt your gains. Oh yeah, mmmmm.... Xanax.

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    that's a pretty high dosage for a scrip, but then my doc prescribed 4mg daily when i was going through a lot of problems so i can feel ya... it shouldn't hurt you that bad.. be careful though xanax is highly addictive.

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    i use 20 mg valiums after work out as bridging bro

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