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Thread: On a mission

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    On a mission

    hi here are my stats .. im 26 yr old, weight 213, height5,8.. shoe size 9 (lol)

    ive posted sum threads here before and got sum great results and sum good help all thnx to this forum ,
    i have dune multiple cycles and moastly none of them were done right (pct) i am not planning on running a cycle right away cuz i havent been training at all, i had a couple setbacks pretty serius shit wich is not important here ...
    so for now my goal is to go down to 165 170 ,, lean down and then i will go back up around 185 maxxxx 190 with muscle mass i will hit the gym 4 tymes a week for now ima go on a low carb high protein diet i kno its gona b hard on the scale to see the results but ive done it before .. the food (diet) i really cant stand it even more noe dat im trying to stop smokin KUSH i go on depression rage n all that, ive been away for a while i need redirection what am i missing what should i look for to succeed i neeed helllpp...
    this is my poor diet
    8 am;5 egg whites 1 hole egg scrambled, with a shake with milk,i usualy take the low carbs
    11am boxing (weight liftin)
    12h30 2 cans tuna with a bit of mayo , and salad oil n vinager
    2h30 fruits
    5h30 chiken breast or steak brown rice n brocolis
    9h30 same as the morning shake with water

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    You would have better luck posting this in the diet section.

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