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    Steriods in Spain

    i just wanted to know If anyone could help me.

    I live in the Uk & I cant get hold of any gear (to many people letting me down).

    I'm going to Barcelona in Spain in January And I have been told that you can buy Steriods over the counter in Spain in Chemist's,

    I just wanted to know any information about this.

    If anyone could help big thanks

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    You'll kick yourself as authorities have only recently started cracking down on countersales in a big way, my entire last cycle's juice in that i started in october was supplied in one visit to one chemist, they even produced generic anavar out the back at 50 quid for 200 caps ! anyway my next order was met by a " by prescription only " speech as they had come to the attention of the authorities as being a high volume supplier. My other local chemist will give me 1 or 2 vials of anything availble twice a day so i am collecting my next cycle this way. Having lived in Southern Spain for a couple of years i found it easy to get juice in general, but as a visitor you'll need luck more than anything..

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