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    New at this- help needed please.

    How you guys doing? Just signed up, kinda pumped to be here, as all this information is most helpful. Have read majority of posts on here, and they have answered a majority of my questions. Do have a few questions though, that i am unsure about. For my first cycle im stacking:
    sust250- once every five days(10x)
    winstrol -every two days (10x)
    deca200-once a week, starting after 5th shot of sust(10x)
    As this is my first cycle, im not quite sure of results, will i blow up?
    Also, i've been told that i dont really need to run an estrogen blocker for this cycle due to the low doses of sust and deca , and also was told that due to my young age (20 yo), i wont really experience a problem with gyno. Lastly, since my cyle is going to run almost 13 weeks, is it necessary for hcg ? Any info you guys could provide would be much appreciated. Thanks a lot.

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    You need to replan that cycle...

    I'd swap the sust for enanthate and up the deca to 300mg/wk

    I'd run it like this...

    wk 1-10 test enanthate @ 500mg/wk
    wk 1-10 deca @ 300mg/wk
    wk 9-14 winny @ 50mg ED

    liquidex throughout @ 0.5-1mg ED, clomid after last administration of winny, hcg is optional...depends how badly you suffer atrophy.

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    you really might want to consider another test instead of sust. it needs to be shot every other day for maximum effectiveness. are you sayign that you only have 10 amps of sust and 10 amps of winstrol and 10 doses of deca ???? thats really not enough gear IMO. also, you will definately need nolvadex and bromo on hand to combat gyno, as well as clomid for post cycle. stay on the board, read up and ask questions, and then after youve done enough research, start your first cycle. If i were you I would wait a little while until i had tons of knowledge.

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    At low dosages I dont think you need nolva or bromo on hand...most likely you won't need it. I guess however make sure that if it comes to it you can get some. Anyway, nj gave you a pretty good cycle. But if you already have the sust and cant get rid of what you have youll need to get enough to run about 500mg a week and inject EOD...Also need a lot more winny and some more deca ...Goodluck

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