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    question on cardio

    right now ....... i have set up my workout to be bigger and i was just wondering if any certain amnt of cardio will inhibit that or is cardio good anytime no matter what type of workout im doing......i posted a question on testoprim...ive been using that , nothing else...form wwhat i've read is make you retain water . so what i was trying to was limit that ias much as pssible .... there ya go.. any help woiuld be cool... thanks

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    u will sweat alot more when u r on the test but it wont help to reduce water retention u need an anti e cos estrogen is what makes u retain water armidex is the best but nolva would help also if u r suffering alot with it, also if u want to do cardio with your cycle i would suggest spliting up your sessions cardio am and weights pm if u do have to do them together do weights first so u dont drain all your energy on the cv


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    When on gear - I forgo cardio and let myself get biger, then deal with excess fat after. Give your body the "best" enviroment
    to grow and its a better "investment" in your gear - my personal opinion. My 2 cents.

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    I would still do a little bit a cardio about 15-20 min after a workout but dont do it every day of the week just about 3-4 days dont want to overload your body and tire it down.

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