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    New guy and Fina question?

    What's up bros? The board looks great! I'm also a member at elite but there's alot of bullshit there. Alot of good bros but alot of bullshit also. I've been reading your board for a while now and it seems to be alot more laid back with alot of good bros. Also I've noticed the bullshit gets dealt with real quick around here and I like that! So I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone and help in any way I can. Currently I'm just finishing up wk 6 of a 10wk test, dbol , and fina cycle. Lovin every minute of it. The 1st 2 wks my weight shot up 22lbs but I've been holding steady ever since. I've noticed that my bf% is dropping because I'm getting alot more vascular and ripped looking

    Now for my fina ???
    Does anyone else sweat like a crackhead running a marathon in the middle of the summer?? Because I've been soaked since about three days after starting the fina! Again glad to be here and look forward to future conversations!

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    Yea I do all the time I dont know how much your using but I shoot around 75-125mg per day when I am using and I am a ball of sweat everywhere I go

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    sweating is very normal while using fina. welcome to the board bro.

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