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Thread: d-bol cycle

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    d-bol cycle

    I just bought 250 tabs of d-bol. I have never taken steroids before so I was wondering how I should go about doing this cycle. I'm also going to be buying clomid once I am finished with my cycle.

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    first off dont wait to buy the clomid. If you dont have it dont start any cycle.

    Now, most people are going to tell you that a Dbol only cycle is a waste of time and money. Usually a good rule to remember is 'the quicker it comes the quicker it goes.' this obviously refers to the speed at which dbol hits you. Dbol will pump your muslces full of water so you will see an increase in size and strength. But when you discontinue the drug the water will go and youll be back to where you started.

    Test is really the base of any cycle so you should include test in all your cycles.

    Use the search button inthe top right hand corner and look up dbol only if you like. You will see there are tons of threads just like this one. Research on the mainpage under drug profiles and also read the educational forums. There is a plethora of great information there that will no doubt benefit you.

    sorry if this isnt what you wanted to hear but it is solid advice, my reccomendation is that you hold off on your roids so you can learn more. But hang on to your dbol. you may still use them in a more thought out cycle

    peace bro

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    Someone at my gym did a d-bol only cycle and was not happy with the 5 pounds he gained.. Go figure..

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    3rd DBOL only cycle post ive read in an hour....definately need to stack with wont keep gains if dbol only...and like stated clomid? dont is essential to have at end...better be safe then sorry. Maybe try some sus or test enanthate ..look into that on the will find a shitload of info....goodluck my man

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