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    Question Time Off, How Long?

    Im coming to the end of my first cycle, which will end up being about 12 weeks long, with 200 mg deca /wk, 500mg, sust, and winny for the last four weeks at 50 mg ed, then eod for the last week. The dosages of the sust and deca were reduced to half for the last two weeks. I am wondering how much time off you guys with more experience would recommend before I hit another cycle. I did not experience any bad side effects, or any for that matter, and I don't know if this is an issue in considering time off. I have heard the "time on equals time off" statement, and I am wondering if this is the true creedo for most cycles, even with doses as low as mine. Thanks a lot for your help bros.


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    time ON = time OFF

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    Rule of thumb, time on = time off.

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    cool....thanks bros

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    generally time on = time off, but you need to listen to your body as some people recover faster that others.

    if you were planning on starting something sooner than time off tells you then i would get blood work done as you can accurately pinpoint whether you were shut down harder or less than you anticipated.

    by examining levels pre and post cycle you can get a feel for your body and what you can expect in the future.

    i recommend getting tested before and after every cycle just to have peace of mind that waiting is the best thing to do or knowing that it is safe to begin again.

    if your dosages were much higher and this was your 5th or 6th cycle then it might be different, but the longer you wait generally the more comparable your next cycle will be to the previous or first one you did.

    just my $.02
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