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    Ephedrine @ Anadrol

    Hey guys, I have a question. Is it bad to take any ephedrine while on Anadrol ? I was just curious. And I was told to start taking Clomid during my last week of my cycle, but then I was told not to take it until the day after my cycle is over. What are your opinions on these subjects. Thanks for the help guys.

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    19 and doing an anadrol only cycle hey?

    If you can, get some testosterone and add it to your cycle. 400mg/wk should be enough. And wait a couple of years before you start juicing...

    But if your stuck on anadrol only, and you have to do it now:
    Run it at 50mg/ED for no longer than 5 weeks. Then start clomid the day after you take your last Anadrol tab.

    I wouldn't reccomend you run Anadrol at over 75md/ED for your first cycle.

    There should be no problems with Ephedrine and Anadrol. Just make sure you drink lots of water, maybe cut back on your ephidrine dose a little.

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