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    mustang liquid clen

    has anyone ever heard of this ? my friend has a 250 mL bottle of it. it's at his house right now, or else i'd take a picture of it. what he's wanting to know is if he can drink it. i told him it was fine to drink, but he's unsure about it - been stickin himself with needles everyday, ouch! he was just takin 4 cc's a day of it. any input on this?

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    Never heard of it. I've heard of Mustang V-6 - Mustang GT - Mustang Cobra - Mustang Roush - Mustang Saleen - Mustang Bullit - Mustang Boss, and Mach 1, and 2 but I never heard of a Mustang Clen .
    j/k Bro. I have heard of liquid clen before, but I read most spray it in their mouth. I'm not an expert though.

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