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    Question Second Cycle of Deca

    I'm coming up on my 6th week of my first cycle ever (deca -durabolin ) and I was wondering if starting a second one would boost the chances of side effects, primarily low sperm count. Should I put some time in between the two and if so how much?

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    On time equals OFF time. 10 weeks on the sauce, 10 weeks off the sauce. Are you doing deca alone?? I hope theres some test in there, if not, u didnt plan it so well. At least start your clomid 2 weeks after your last injection!

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    Id say 3 weeks after last deca shot. How long is this cycle your running now? Deca only is a poor choice for a cycle, like Big-G said you should add some test. Since deca shuts down your hpta really hard it would be beneficial to run test at a slightly higher dosage than the deca. remember this for your next cycle. And like G said time on = time off. IMO though you should read up on the educational forums before you start your next cycle.

    on another note, I hope you have clomid.

    peace bro
    remember diet is the key. aas is just icing on the cake

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