So im on a TRT program and wanted to inject somewhere new and had never tried pecs, on a little bit of a blitz so about 5 days ago I pinned 1ML Test C in the left pec and 1 ML in the right Pec and the day after both sites were incredibly sore but was to be expected with a new injection site, hard to lift both arms and the injection site was sore and stiff, the left pec soreness started to go away after day 3, but since about day 2 the right pec is swollen, can't nessicarily find a lump but the pec is hard to the touch still stiff as hell and can't stretch it out, tried heating and massaging and ibuprofen and nothing's made it go away and it's been 5 days. Injection site is not red, havent had a fever and the injection site is not hot and no defined lump just swollen all over from injection site down to base of pec, if it was just 2-3 days I wouldn't be to worried but it is day 5 and it's still swollen and incredibly stiff, can't even lift my arm high enough to throw a ball. Any suggestions?