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    Albuterol - doseage

    So I ordered a bottle of Albuterol from Arr so i can trim down my body fat levels to an acceptable range before starting a cycle.

    Im not finding alot of feedback on this stuff on the forums...Just mainly the stick write up about the stuff and nothing more.

    I see just from reading the description that there is 6mg per ML, what kind of daily doseage should I take with this stuff? I have seen suggestions from 4-6mg every 4 hours all day till about 6pm.

    Im familiar with some thermogenics, but never a liquid version like this. Most powerful thing I have taken was Oxy Elite Pro, which I had great results with as I trimmed off ALOT of fat with a 180ct. cycle.

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    Disreguard...I was spelling it wrong in the search bar...HAH!

    Found some logs and good information on it...Most people seem to start at 6mg per day at first then work up to find a sweet spot. Im a big guy at 6'5 and 230lbs so we will see what happens.

    And what the the acceptable cycle time on this stuff? 2-3 on and 1 week off?

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    try starting at 2-3mg, 3times a day.

    some people take ketotifen to prevent down-regulation of the albut receptors. if you take about 2mg keto at night, you may not even need to cycle off. stay on till you reach your target.

    dont forget cardio and diet, which will play a bigger role than meds.

    good luck

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