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    Question to all you t400 users out there

    Im doing a 10 week cycle of t400 @ 600mg/week and dbol 25mg/ed for 1-4, im on week 4 and going on week 5 ive noticed water rentition and a little strength so far, but when does the test usually start really kicking in? because this is my first time doing a test cycle, my last cycle was fina solo @ 100mg/ed for 6 weeks, and bench went up 70lbs off of that.
    So im just wondering if i should really start blowing up in a couple weeks or what i should expect. my diet is in check also.

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    ( tren is king for strength and growth ) I will run it in every cycle I do . I put on 30 lbs in 2 weeks and dropped body fat. Tren only for a month then added test & dbol for 6 weeks . fuck me My own mother was scared of me ......I would add tren for the last month. It will take off the water and add 10 to 15 pounds of hadr muscle that you will keep.

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    Now I'm getting excited! Can't wait to start my next cycle with test and tren ! Sorry, this has nothing to do with this thread.


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