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Thread: sust and winny

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    sust and winny

    whats up bro's... i just got a cycle of sustanon 250 and 10 shots of winstrols. I am going to take the winstrols at the end of my cycle of sust. I have seen on many websites that winstrols are not a cutter. Talking to many friends who have used winstrols said they cut you up nicely. Would you consider them a cutter or am i wasting my time trying to get a 6 pack with winstrols?

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    Winstrol is a good drug to use while on a cutting diet. Your diet and cardio will still be the biggest factor in having a six pack.

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    you only have 10 shots of winstrol ? Your going to need more than that bro. Winstrol should be taken 50 mg ed for 5-6 weeks to see optimal results.

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