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    Talking Fina fina rah rah rah!

    Well, that got your attention

    Ok this is what I am planning as next cycle. Last cycle I got some pretty solid results on test-deca -dbol , now I want to try our friend fina.

    This is what i am looking at:

    Wk 1-10 Test-E 500mg/wk (I know test prop ED would be better... but E is what I got)
    Wk 1-8 Fina 75mg/ED (or 150 eod, jury is out on that)
    Wk 1-3 & 11-12 30mg/ED Dbol (russian)
    Proviron 50mg ED
    Liquidex .5mg ED (with the proviron I doubt I'd need more)
    Nolva on hand

    BTW I tried dBol at the end of this cycle, had 3 weeks to kill between last test/deca shot and start of clomid so I hit dbol for the 2 weeks before clomid started and it really worked out well for me (boosted my morale, kept hormone levels on par and gave he a hellish pump.

    Hey by the way... does anyone know what happened to gotfina? The darn site gives me a 404 error! I wanted to brush up on conversion concentration and dosage.

    Also not asking for any sources here (pls do not PM me any), but any Canadian bros succesfully order Finaplix -H pellets from the multitudes of US agricultural stuff sites? I am curious to know wether I would be better to order, or take a drive down to some farm coop in Vermont (cow country!) which is barely 1 hour away from here.

    Thanks bros


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    looks good bro go with whatever works for you.

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