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    Using AAS before you hit your genetic limit..

    I am curious as to what the consequences are of using AAS before an individual has hit his/her genetic limit.

    I searched for some info on this topic (on AR as well as other sites) and could not find anything that I would consider informative. Most just say "it is a bad idea" or "it is unhealthy".

    My question is, "Why?"

    Thanks in advance for the info (if any replies are posted).

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    From what i understand, if you can make the same gains(just takes longer) without aas, when you finally do decide to start you will become even bigger. Also, your age has to do alot with it, if you start too young you will close your growth plates prematurely whereas you hade more room to grow naturaly,

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    I agree, But some people can't wait.. Like me I trained for a year and gained a whole 10 pounds, from 140 to 150.. then hit the magic stuff and am sitting at 205 now. (I am 6'1)

    I still got another 25 pounds to put on

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    The honest truth is that most people get on THE JUICE way before they hit their genetic limit. As long as you're smart about it (MEANING RESEARCH) and not TOO young....You should be fine!


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    i don't think it matters a great deal. as blocroc said most do juice before they hit their limits. there's nothing wrong with that provided you have worked out for a good while before hand and have built some decent muscle and strengthened your joints and ligaments.

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