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    Test Prop/Tri-Tren Mix Cycle dosage HELP!!

    Hi Guys,
    Basically i've got about 8 cycles under my belt, pretty clued up but haven't used Tren so far. The only stuff i can get hold of is Tri-Tren Mix though and not quite sure how to dose it. I was thinking:

    Test prop 100mg EOD
    Tri-Tren 150mg E3D
    Running Adex along side

    Got my PCT all sorted out blah blah just wondering if anyone has any experience with Tri-Tren or just knows anything about dosing it.

    My stats are:
    5ft 11'
    10% Bodyfat

    I'll be on a cut, if that has any difference with dosing it. I know the main difference between cut and bulk is diet and i am a qualified Nutritional Advisor so i know what i'll be doing in that aspect.

    Cheers guys,

    Let me know

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    Pin it EOD with the Prop. I don't see any hCG nor your PCT, you didn't mention the tren blend ratios and didn't mention adex dosage. Other people might want to know that to help you or offer the best advice.

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    i believe tri tren has tren acetate in it, so i would pin it ed. but that is just me. could do .5cc ed.

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    It's normally tren ace tren hex and tren enth so I would pin ed or eod to get the most out of it

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