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    Male 35. My blood reports. Suggestions required for first cycle.

    Hi! I am going to start my first cycle as soon as possible. Will take the "NoviceCycle1"
    Dbol 25 mg ed and Test-Enth 250 mg twice a week. Ran labs after researching these forums..
    I am 35 male,5ft.7 and 150 lbs.
    Anyways guys My reports came in..please advise..
    Just waiting to open the gear box and star the cycle.

    PSA ( Prostate Specific Antigen) 0.215 ng/ml
    HbA1c (Glycosylated Hemoglobin) 6%
    Note: This test was performed on the Abbott Architect i1000SR, fully automated Special Chemistry analyzer.

    Estradiol 18.9 pg/nl
    Note: I couldn't find a lab that would run Estradiol Sensitive for me, despite my all efforts. May be its not even available in my country.
    DHEA SO4 181 ug/dl

    Testosterone 529.3 ng/dl
    Note: I am not sure if this is a Total Testosterone or something else. the report simply mentions it as TESTOSTERONE

    Free Testosterone 17.9 pg/ml

    Insulin (FASTING) 1.85 uIU/ml

    TSH 1.734 uIU/ml

    FREE T3 4.17 pg/ml
    FREE T4 1.21 ng/dl

    Cholesterol 215 mg/dl
    Note: The report also mentions the desirable, borderline high and High ranges, being 200-239 mg/dl as borderline high range.
    So, I guess mine falls under borderline high range which is strange for me as I have been eating pretty neat most of my life. For the past few months I am on high protein low carb diet. This rise in cholesterol is due to dietary supplements I take in form of my protein shakes I assume but I am not sure. I use only Olive oil and that too just two- three table spoons with my nuts and greens (salads)..Does it have to do anything with Smoking ?? I have been away from Alcohol for about three months never been a too much into drinking.. just a lil here and then.

    Triglyceride 74 mg/dl
    HDL 55 mg/dl
    LDL 137 mg/dl
    VLDL 15 mg/dl
    Cholesterol /HDL ratio 3.9 Note : Says 3.5 - 5.0 is desirable.

    Cortisol and Comprehensive Metabolic Panel reports are still awaited. I will post them when I have them delivered.


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    What's your specific question?

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    Am I good to start my first cycle ??

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    You really need to post your numbers with the reference range or we have no idea what is good or not. sorry

    If your reference ranges are the same as mine wich are standard I believe you number look fine.

    Now if you are ready to cycle has a lot more to do with your numbers. Are you ready physically?
    What are your full stats?
    body fat
    training experience
    How many years in the gym 4-5x a week?
    How long has your diet been on track?
    Cycle experience including pro hormones?
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    Your 150 lbs. You need to learn to eat. A cycle will do you little good at this point.

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