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    First Lean Mass Cycle please give expert advice

    Stats: 6'1" 248lbs 22%BF (I was inactive for two years due to leg injury and gained bad weight but since November been training and eating clean.
    3 mass cycles under my belt. So this is a first for me where I will be worrying about water retention. This is the first part of a longer program. Anyways here it goes:
    Week 1-8 400mg test prop, 400mg Tren Ace, 400mg Mast, 1mg Arimidex ED.
    Week 2-8 50mg Winstrol tabs Ed
    Week 8-12 PCT hCG and nolvadex and bridging with 50mg Anavar ED
    Followed by something stronger. Opinions?

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    I would wait at least 6 month of training after going on another cycle. Overdo won't help your leg. and gives you more time to drop your bf%.

    dont bridge with that much var... it will definitively shut you down hard...

    However, you cycle seems massive and your bodyfat is high. You should drop the winstrol (too much impact on cholesterol) and drop the tren . test/var will be more than enough IMHO

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    no reason to bridge. The short esters will clear and your just prolonging a cycle when you could be starting to recover on PCT.

    I would hold off on the cycle.

    Time on + PCT = Time Off from previous cycle.

    Plus you really should get that body fat down as much as possible before next cycle. Imagine how much $$$$$$ you would save on food having to only eat for 190 lbs man then a huge balloon at 22% BF at 230 whatever.....

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