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    Cool Lifter4Life!

    Hello there..I am new to the forums area and am looking to learn. Recently posted to the introduction area and was referred here.
    I am just finishing my 2nd ten week cycle of Test Cyp. Started with 2cc every 6 days and now finishing with 3cc. Minimal gains this cycle (different gear from first).
    My question is this: I am 228lbs and want to cut up. I know abs are made in the kitchen but I work in the oil patch and rarely have access to a kitchen. What can I use to help? No Winstrol please..prior joint problems.
    Thank you for any and all help!

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    Hello buddy, just a bit if advice when describing amounts don't tell us how many cc's tell us how many mgs per week etc. as far as cutting or bulking goes everything depends on your diet and without that in check no amount if gear will get you to your goal

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    Well i wouldn't start anything else if you are just finishing up your cycle. Id wait another 3 months, before you start anything else. But diet is the key component here. I would put a snack or something in your pocket until you can eat lunch.

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