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Thread: PCT help pls

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    PCT help pls

    just began my first cycle of Winstrol and I know I should have had my PCT set up before I started but I didn't!

    Any advice on what to get? And anywhere I can get one off the shelves that will do the trick?

    I'm takin 50mg a day for 30 days. I have all my other mumbo jumbo set up already and takin it, just need advice on pct.
    Thanks y'all!

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    your taking oral winstrol by itself?

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    Need more info...

    Like Zoog asked, are you taking anything else with Winni? Why haven't you figured out a PCT before you started your cycle?

    What is your "other mumbo jumbo"?

    since you're asking about PCT, I'm assuming you've never cycled before, is that correct?

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    I'm takin Winstrol orally with my test booster, milk thistle, fish oil, and glucosamine. I can't give a good answer on why I didn't have my PCT set up before, it was foolish of me but I have done allot of research before I took it and I'm not an idiot, just made a dumb decision not to get it set up before hand.

    Yes this is my first cycle..I have heard that clomid is good just not sure.

    I'm 6'2" 210 with 10-12% body fat with a good diet
    I would prefere something off the shelves if that is at all possible but if not then so be it.
    Thanks again

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