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    How effecting is a test cutting cycle

    Given relative dieting. How effective is a test e cutting cycle at retaining muscle and losing fat?

    Will i retain most muscle if not all?

    Will fat loss seem more noticeable because of muscle retension?

    Will fat loss appear to happen easier given tests antagonist effect on fat?

    I seem to have trouble retaining muscle when cutting i seem to lose both at the same time.

    This is just for future reference after my first cycle as i dont want to risk losing anything on a future cut. Thanks.

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    Body recomp is not roid dependent. Eat healthy. Watch the fat content. Make.sure you get in some quality aerobic activity. I recommend the nutrition section.

    Test is great for this if youre an experienced user. Youre not an experienced user based on these questions alone.

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    As Java Man said, its diet dependent. You dont need AAS to cut, it just helps if you want to cut more aggressively and retain your current LBM better.

    Whats your stats? Age, height, weight, bf%, cycle experience, calorie intake and TDEE?

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    ^^^ waiting for stats as well

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    Test should be the base for cutting. I would use a short ester like Prop to reduce water retention. The thing about Test is that it helps shuffle nitrogen into the muscles as well as take excess energy and burn them up through the mitochondria. Tren is a really awesome AAS for cutting. Most guys experience a slightly higher core temperature and burn a ton of energy in the form of heat. You see ripped guys in the guy sweating like pigs? Yep, that's Tren. If your estrogen level is low enough Tren will almost eliminate the storage of fats. There are other sides to Tren but Test/Tren is a really potent cutting stack.

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    A agree with scotch. i have used test/tren for all my cutting cycles. When i do test alone (and only short acting when cutting) i seem to only be able to retain muscle. But when i add the tren i seem to be able to gain muscle as well. Also that could be just the way it looks in the mirror wich is what we are all looking for anyway right?

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