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    When to get blood work after PCT

    Hi fellas I am about to start my PCT . When would be the best time to go get blood work done to know exactly where my levels are at? Obviously I will wait till my PCT is over but how long should I wait? Please help. Thanks!!!

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    6-8 weeks after your last SERM dose.

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    You'd want to wait long enough for everything to clear out of your body. As Bonaparte said, it should be 6-8 following the SERM.

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    depends on why you're doing the labs. i sometimes get over anxious and check my total T and estro during PCT itself, maybe end of the third wk, just to see if its working and if my levels are up. i then check again 6 wks later like Bona said, to see how low is my new baseline.

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    I got mine done 30 days after PCT and my test levels were off the charts high. So much for my plan to be a TRT candidate. Next time I'll wait 8 weeks.

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