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    Red face Help with cycle

    I'm a 29 year old former college athlete. Now I am looking to get into competition and just stay in good shape. I weigh 160 lbs at about 5'9". I am starting a cycle of test C 300 and winstrol for 10 weeks on both.
    Should I:
    -Take both a retain a neutral cutting/bulking diet for the ten weeks
    -Take the test for ten weeks and aim for bulking in my workouts and diets then continue to take the winstrol and start a cutting regimen

    Also what should my set calories and macro's be for the option you chose. thanks!

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    It's ultimately up to you whether you want to bulk or cut.

    At 160lbs I would imagine you would want to at some more weight? If you cut at 160lbs then you would get even smaller.

    I would pay a visit to the diet section.

    Personally I am not the biggest fan of winstrol unless you already have good size and definition and want to harden up even more. It doesn't take place as a fat burner as some might assume.

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    Hi davis. Welcome!

    A few qns. How long have you been lifting consistently? Have you been bulking or cutting during this time? What is your current bf%? Do you have a definite goal?

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