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    Should I work out every day on cycle?

    I'm doing my first cycle:
    250 week of Test E
    400 week of EQ
    150 HCG eod

    My question is- should I be working out every day while on cycle or is there a recommended on/off pattern. I've read to work out every other day for best results but I'm looking for feedback.

    I'm looking for strength gains with moderate size gains. I compete in grappling/mma so size isn't my number one but I would like to put on a bit of bulk. I think my diet is pretty good and I work hard but any advice would be appreciated. Almost 3 weeks in. Thanks.

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    1st cycle is test only this way you know how your body will react to it.And if you have a bad reaction you know wat caused it.Run test at 500mg a week for 10 to 12 weeks.Run a Ai like [email protected] .25 EOD to start.HCG on [email protected] 250ius 2x a week.Pct nova and clomid for 4 weeks.Read the pct section for doses.And your weighting should stay the same.Dont add more dayz.

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    I wouldn't work out every day. Lifting heavy+no rest will make your joints fatigue so fast you'll have a hard time lifting anything worth while by the 3rd week. Remember, you grow outside the gym through rest, not in it.

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    EQ is great for endurance but I would cut down your dosage. Start off a little lower. EQ is a testosterone compound and will add to your total testosterone I agree you should start off with test only as your first cycle a later add the EQ. Many athletes add EQ to increase endurance performance. Including fighters.

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    It depends on you, and your body and intensity!

    I cant go more than 5 a week even during cycle.

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    I would drop the EQ and run 500mg of enan a week. Are you using an AI? How long have you been lifting for?

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    Test only

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    I never take a day off unless I'm sick.

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    Personally I would drop the Eq and double your test if its your first cycle. My first cycle was also 250 a week. What a waste IMO. 500 would of been perfect. That being said I work out 6 days a week on or off. But....your routine should dictate your frequency. I always give my body parts a min of three days to recover. If they are still sore I do abs and cardio. There are overlap programs that utilize working the same muscles two days in a row. So who knows, 6 days on works good for me.

    A major benefit of cycling is increased recovery. So to me it only makes sense to work them muscles a little more.

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