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    Help!!! Lump, redness from new test E mid-cycle.

    Don't want to throw poop on any ugl gear so I won't mention names. UGL lab is a popular online domestic source though.

    Okay. First cycle. Test E 300. pinning 600mgs per week. Source A which is the first source I used I was in pain for about a week after my first injection. In glute area. Second shot that week in other glute not so bad but still pain. Okay by my 4th injection I was coasting. No problems, and pip was not really an issue anymore. The test was actually working, I know it was because libido was starting to increase only after two weeks. But I did get some different Test E from Source B and pinned on my 6th shot. So I actually only did 5 shots of source A which was 2 and a half weeks worth. Now I take Source B (shot 6 and 7) and I have that same feeling I had with that first shot from source A. pain, a lot of it. the only difference is this time I have a lump in my glute and a lump in my shoulder. The shoulder actually has lump and redness. Now 7 days after the first shot from source B the pain in glute is going away. Shoulder pain is still there since I pinned that on Thursday. But since I didnt get lumps from source A should I go back to source A or try source B for another week to see if my body gets use to source B like it did to source A. Source B supposedly is suppose to be good shit. I know they say if it aint broke dont fix it. But I only switched gear because the dbol Source A gave me was bunk and Source A even let it slip out his mouth a couple weeks after I brought from him that it was underdosed and not good quality. because of that I got dbol from Source B(online source) but I had to spend a certain amount so I got Test E also. Thats why I switched.

    Should I worry about these lumps?
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    With all the... "source a" and "source b"... your thread is a little exhausting to follow. If any PIP is hot/warm to the touch... it could be infected. If it goes down after a day or two, its probably not infected. Someone said on here recently that you can get PIP similiar to Test P, from Test E. I've never experienced PIP from Enanthate myself, but I know it has to do with how much alcohol/other ingrediants they use. I have had what you're describing as PIP from UGL Test Prop. Really bad sometimes too. Whole area gets red, hurts like a bitch. I've also had those knots that you're describing. They go away. I forget what causes them. I usually only get one every couple cycles though. I've never had 2 in a row. No one here can confirm 100% what is in your UGL. Thats gonna have to be your call. You're right... if it aint broke... don't fix it.

    If the pain is messing you up that bad... you gotta make a decision whether you can deal with the pain or not. If not, ya gotta find another source/different gear. Gotta be your call though.

    My 2 cents

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    It really depends on the individual. I got PIP from depot testosterone american pharm grade from CVS pharmacy as well as from my HRT compound pharmacy. My UGL brands have less PIP. My body accepts the GSO better from the UGL's.

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