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    Hey everyone. Starting my 1st cycle tomorrow. Just a few questions..???

    New to this new way of life and starting my 1st cycle tomorrow.
    I've done my research but A few things still aren't clear to me.

    I'm 6'1
    30 yrs
    9-11% body fat ( due to a recent tear in my leg that just healed in about 7 weeks)

    Training for 14 years now.
    My body fluctuates quite rapidly plus or minus 5-8 pounds withing a day or a few days. Not all the time but I do play a lot of sports and have for obvious reasons stopped all of that activity. I'm at the gym 5-6 days a week. This is only due to the fact that I can't recover fast enough from my previous workouts. I followed the advanced Bill Pearl bodybuilding progam for quite some time alternating other workouts in ever few months. My gains have been amzing but I have plateaud.

    Bench: 435lbs.. unoffical 465 to chest
    Squat: 405lbs at 90 degrees
    deadlift: 605lbs

    My strength is good but I wouuld like to bulk and i wouldn't mind a little more strength.. lol Who wouldn't?

    I'll be running Test Sustanon 250 eod at 150mg (525mg per week) Now I know this 2nd part is frowned upon among most. Trembelone acetate at 75mg eod along with the test.

    I was thinking..

    wk 1-12 (maybe 16): 525mg per week
    wk 1-8..Tren : 75mg per week

    Now this is where i'm a bit confused... Do I have to run HCG when I start this cycle?
    Do I wait to run my PCT 18 days after I'm done test or right after I finish Tren?
    Clomid for PCT?

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated as this is my first post. Thank you.
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    Forget the tren , seriously. You shouldn't be running it for the first few cycles. If everything is on point you will get great results from test only.

    PCT starts 18 days after your last pin of sust, yes.

    HCG throughout cycle 250 twice a week.

    Do you have an AI to run on cycle?

    PCT clomid and nolva, what is your proposal?

    Maybe have your diet looked at in our nutrition forum.

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    Hi Drew,

    Thank you for providing a detailed post. Very rare and appreciated. Great starting stats by the way.

    1. As you stated, wait a couple cycles to run Tren .
    2. Your cycle is missing an Aromatase inhibitor, which you need to control estrogen.
    3. hCG on cycle from day one up to PCT.
    4. 18 to 21 days is fine for PCT starting time after last sust injection.
    5. Clomid and Nolva for PCT.

    I ask that you hold off on Tren, not because it's Tren, but because it's your first cycle. You need to understand how your body reacts to Testosterone alone, as this will be you base for all future cycles. Once you've learned how your body reacts, you would be able to identify the culprits of side effects in future cycles. Running multiple compounds during a first cycle would prove side effect management to be a difficult task. Think of eating several exotic foods on the same dish. If you get sick, you'd never know which one caused the problem. Get it?

    You need an Aromatase inhibitor to control your inevitably increasing E2 levels on cycle. This will help with bloating, prevent estrogen-induced gynecomastia and keep you from sobbing like a little girl over movies such as the Titanic.

    hCG must be used on cycle. You need to stimulate your testes so that your recovery is faster, you don't experience testicular atrophy and maintain overall function. Problems start on cycle, not post cycle. So use hCG; it's your seatbelt... no sense wearing a seatbelt after you get in a wreck.

    Because you provided a detailed post, I'll take a moment to provide a prefered cycle layout:

    Week 1 to 12 - Sustanon @ 150 EOD.
    Week 1 to 15 - Arimidex @ 0.25 mg EOD.
    Week 1 to 15 - hCG @ 250 iu twice weekly (for a total of 500 iu)

    PCT protocol like so: Nolvadex @ 40/20/20/20 & Clomid @ 75/50/50/50

    Consider blood work around week 7. This is help you identify the legitimacy of your gear and check your levels to determine if you need to make any protocol adjustments, such as increasing or decreasing your inhibitor dose. The following blood work is important:

    - Testosterone, Total
    - Testosterone, Free
    - Estradiol (Preferably a sensitive E2 assay)
    - CBC (complete blood count) - Steroids tend to increase RBC and Hematocrit levels which would indicate a need to donate blood.
    - You may want to also consider a full metabolic panel.

    Best of luck to you.
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