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    Requesting Feedback on My 1st Cycle

    So, I spent about 4 months doing research, and decided to take the route of anabolics.
    STATS: 49 y/o, 5'9", 158 (starting wt), 31.5"waist, BF% approx 12.

    My Cycle Plan: Combination of Test-E and Tren .
    Test-E: 300mg / wk (adminstered 150mg/2x/wk) and
    Tren: 40mg every other day (so, 1st week=120mg, 2nd week 160mg, etc)

    Workout: 4days of workout followed by 1 day rest.
    Workout is 5 body regions -- Legs/Glutes; Upper Traps/Delts; Chest; Lats/Rhomboids/Lower Back; Bi's/Tri's.
    12-15 min slow cardio pre-workout. Afternoon visit to gym every other day -- concentrate on Abs/Core will burn an additional 400-500 cals w/ various cardio.

    Diet: Consuming 3000 cals/day (though a bit difficult for me) --
    15-20% fat
    40-40(45)% Carb/Protein (tend to be shy of carbs unless I'm sure they're quality carbs)

    I have just completed my 2nd week, and have the following results:
    Noticeable change in body "shape" -- broader shoulders/torso. ONLY 2-3 pounds in weight gain (which I would think is at least 50% water weight).
    My strength gains during the workouts are REAL though -- 10-15% more than pre-cycle.
    Also -- my energy level (especially during workout) is phenomenol.

    Post workout -- I eat, and take a nap.

    My question/request for feedback --
    Shouldn't I expect greater gains in weight? My goal is, once cycle is complete, is to "net" 10 more pounds (be at 165-168). I'm feeling unsure if I'm on the right track, because my understanding is that I would need to gain at least 20 pounds during cycle to eventually level out "netting" 10 pounds of good weight.

    Thanks for feedback/advice.

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    Back to the drawing board..... lose the tren , test only for a first cycle.
    Where is the AI
    What is the PCT plan
    Are you using HCG on cycle

    Please post a complete cycle

    Your pretty light to be considering AAS, have you had blood work??

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    At 158 you need to gain weight before taking AAs

    Research should have told you that a test only first cycle is recommend

    You have no mention of an AI , HCG or PCT

    You stated consuming 3000 cals is difficult for you
    That's the key to weight gain so you should visit the nutritional section

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    Great minds think alike !!

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    Thanks for the positive feedback. Taking the Tren was more on encouragement from someone with experience (here locally). Not a problem to cease that part of the cycle.

    Yes -- I have had a full series of blood work done about every 9 months for the past 3 years -- suspecting, and recently confirmed, that my T levels are declining (Doc gives the standard reply -- aging.)

    Since I seriously began working out (Aug 2007), I have gone through regimen after regimen to gain muscle mass. The best I ever achieved was, after 16 months of SERIOUS eating (sometimes 4000 cal/day), I reached 160 pounds with a 8.8% BF. That was in Jan 2009. Since then, getting married, returning to school, I lost anywhere from 5-8 pounds, and softened around the mid-section.

    No amount of effort in nutrition/exercise has allowed me to get above 160 since.
    Hence, BECAUSE I'm light, I decided on anabolic route.
    Btw -- wife is a nutritionist, and I use her as a resource for balance in eating patterns.

    My PCT plan is to use Tamox. for 5 weeks following cycle.
    No, not using HCG .

    My cycle has been to span 8-10 weeks.....since I will cease the Tren, I can extend to 12. Guess I'll just be using Test.....Although, I purchased and am considering the use of Oxandrol for the last 4 weeks.

    Guys -- I've learned not to be soft-hearted about my weight. I KNOW I'm light. I also know I'm working an already declining natural T level. My prolactin/progesterone levels are withing normal range, but could be better (in my opinion).
    Still -- this route of using anabolics is for me kind of a "last attempt" to make a difference.
    I do not have GREAT expectations of being HUGE -- and it's not my goal.
    Since beginning the cycle, I do feel more "up", more motivated, more confident. My moodiness has decreased (even my wife has noticed.) And these are good things.

    So again, thanks for the feedback.
    I will try to consume MORE calories. And I will heed your advice regarding no Tren.
    Thanks again.

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