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    Please tell me this isn't normal! First Cycle.

    3 pins in, Each week:
    500mg test C, 600mg EQ, first ever cycle.

    33yr old
    6', 193lbs, 15% bf

    Now mind you, I've only pinned 3 x's. I always stretch before workouts and one of the best ways for me to get loose is 1 max rep at bench press. I've been maxed at 265lbs for the last several months, matter of fact I hardly got up 265 a few days ago, as the spotter helped me with a soft nudge of the bar.

    Now today, off to the gym, 3rd pin was in the quad this past Friday, so I'm feeling pretty good and pumped. I start loosening up, and work my way up to 265. I psyche myself up since I didn't have my spotter and proceed to bench the weight. Let me tell you, it felt light! Extremely light! So light I double checked to make sure it was 265, and sure enough it was. I was shocked and thought maybe I should try 275. I load the bar up, say a prayer as I'd hate to get stuck without a spot and proceed to lift. WHAT THE FISH TITS! IT WENT UP JUST AS EASY!

    I am thinking WTF! I felt like Bruce Willis in Unbreakable. I then put on 290lbs. I'm not lying when I say I benched it, and I feel like I had another 10 lbs of wiggle room.

    Now please please please tell me, is this normal? Starting body weight was 188, sitting at 193 today a week and 2 days after 1st pin, and I'm able to bench 25lbs quite easily over my plateau? How is this possible? Mind tricks? Is this what I need to start expecting? Wow! ! !

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    I wouldn't say that your max bench is a way of "stretching" or "getting loose" are you serious about that. You are going to injure yourself bad once you are on gear unless you have years of lifting under your belt.

    I think you are saying you are in week 3?? Cyp is a long acting esther so its possible it could be kicking in, your natty test must have been pretty low to start with.

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    Like above...

    Steroid gives great strengh gain and MUSCLE GROWTH

    Muscle grow not tendon...

    If your muscle becomes too strong for you tendon, your tendons breaks. Plain and simple....

    Doing your 1 rep max you have VERY HIGH chance of tearing a muscle soon enough.

    Plus it do not stretch at all... Idk wtf you are talking about with that...

    Go see the workout section before you hurt yourself.

    P.s. : The mental play a BIG role, 80% of the extra weight you put is mental... But yes AAS helped.

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    I've been doing the 1 max rep for years and have never injured myself. But I will heade your warnings and stop. Even natty I was able to bench 320, at 195lbs, but stopped lifting for 5 months since I went over seas. I've been back in the game for 2 months.

    And no, that's not 3 weeks in, I'm only 1 week and 2 days in with test cyp and EQ. I have only pinned myself 3x's. If the effects are taking effect already, I'm sold. Haven't noticed any difference in my junk down below acting a fool, so not sure what's up with the bench increase.

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    Muscle memory is my guess. Your original post didn't say you had previously had a 1rm of 320lbs and had some time out of the gym.

    'warming up' with 1rm defeats the whole purpose of a warm up. You're asking for a pec tear doing that. The idea is to get blood into the muscle and prepare it for heavier lifts. You're doing a 1rm totally cold. Tsk!

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