Hi everyone. I had posted a few days ago about my injuries on test and anavar . I have taken a couple days off and tried just doing calisthenics today. Still a ton of pain and feels like I tore something doing an unweighted dip. I dropped my var to 60 mg Ed and test to 400mg a week split into two pins.

I got some great responses from my last post regarding hgh to help repair connective tissue and tendons so I stop getting hurt. I ordered hgh from a reliable friend who told me to do it for a year as follows: 2 iu month 1-2. 2.5 iu month 3-4. 3iu month 5-6. 3.5 month 7-8. 4 iu month 9-10. 4.5 month 11-12. Test at 400 mg week 8 weeks on 8 weeks off . Run the anavar again last 8 weeks of the years.

My question is how fast will the hgh help repair my tissue so I can lift again without injury. I'm not looking for overnight miracle just a base guide. I don't need much more size going to use this to cut. Will the hgh and test preserve my muscle while cutting if I go about 500 calories under maintenance. I eat clean every 2-3 hours.Hgh test cycle to help strengthen connective tissue-image.jpg