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    Deca - 2nd Cycle

    Hey Guys,

    I did a deca only cycle of 400mg per week for 6 weeks with clomid at the end about eight months ago. I dieted hard, and lifted hard(been training for 7 years and am no beginner when it comes to dieting/training). I got great gains from this cycle and had no problems as far as deca dick or any other side efects goes. I was wondering if I were to do deca again, but this time for 10 weeks of 400mg with clomid at the end, how much greater of a chance do I have of getting deca dick and other side? Do you think that since nothing happend the first time, nothing will happen again? I am not to keen on stacking test because I am just trying to add 10-13 lbs or so and I was really happy with my first cycle results and lack of sides, so I figured, why add more than I need or want. Your help is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks Guys and Great Board!

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    You should think about stacking Eq into your next cycle. run 400mg of deca and 600mg of Eq and youll get the quality weight your looking for

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    Dude, Don't sweat the deca dick. Thats only if your running a high dose or if your prone to progesterone related sides. Do a search, there is a lot of good info on the question you just asked.

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    Talking no worries

    at 400 a week your not going to see much Ddick, if any at all. My opinion is bump it up since its your second cycle. So if your worried about the Ddick, throw in some test and you will be fine. mmmmmmmm, test, nothing like it!


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    Bro, my friend just did a cycle of deca 500mg/week for 10 weeks. After about 7 weeks he got deca dick, took some high potency pills and his Mr. Happy worked again. Now after his cycle is over he's all fine and got 20lbs out of it. So don't worry about it.

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