Hi guys,

31 years old, 176lbs (80kg), 6 moths lifting, hard gainer)

wanted to try and do a bulk, am currently taking halodrol pro-hormone to see how body reacts before moving onto something stronger, also due to lack of availability in Australia.

my cycle plan was 50/75/75/75/75/75, I am currently in my 4th week

I have seen very few results, I can tell it is working because I have back pumps, shin splints, mild strength increase & new veins popping through, but not gaining weight like I was hoping

It did however take 3 weeks before I felt anything! Diet is approx 3200 cals per day (about 700 above normal)

I am taking all correct sups with it (milk thistle, hawthorn, multi-v, BCAA, ZMA & fish oil)

I have the following questions:

1) Should I bump dose up to 4 tables (100mg) per day for the last week or should I stay at 75mg for 10 more days?

2) Any suggestions on a cycle I should try next time that will give more decent mass gains (hoping for 10 ~ 15 pounds) - I am very prone to acne so hopefully something that wont trigger this

3) Nolvadex at 20/20/10/10, or should I run a lighter dosage due to very little effects? do you recommend a test booster also on PCT?

4) Do I continue liver support and other supplements (hawthorn, milk thistle, etc) throughout the PCT ?

Cheers in advanced. I look forward to your input.