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    Exclamation NEED HELP! Blurred Vision, Food tastes off, cough fever from cycle

    Thanks for coming to help!

    I have been on cycle for a while now (will list below) and I have had blurred vision for about 3 weeks and getting worse, a cough for about 4 weeks randomly on and off, and also food every now and then just tastes like its burned, even food that isn't cooked.

    I thought its about time to get some real answers, I have been putting it off because I have been researching it but I can't find any thing to help me out other than people saying you should stop the cycle if you experience these sides, but thats not going to happen so please don't say that, I only have three weeks left.

    -2 - 2 Sarms Ostarine 25mg ed
    1 -10 Andropen 550mg ew (275mg every Mon & Thurs)
    3-4 Winstrol 30mg ed
    4-5 Winstrol 45mg ed
    5-6 Winstrol 30mg ed
    Throughout Liver Tablets
    Throughout Multi Vits
    Throughout Pes Erase x2 tabs a day
    7-8 IGF-1 LR3 40mcg ed (just started IGF-1 lr3 last night which is mid way through week 7)
    12-16 Nolvadex 20mg ed
    10-14 IGF-1 LR3 40mcg ed
    11-13 Ostarine 25mg ed
    13-14 Ostarine 12.5mg ed


    I am not after advice on the cycle unless you truly believe it will help with the sides.

    Thank you in advanced everyone, I very much appreciate your time taken to help me out.

    EDIT: Forgot to add that I am looking at adding Winny to end the cycle from week 9-13. This I am unsure about though, would prefer to use the rest of it than waste it.
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    I'll bet it involves the Ostarine. SARMs have all sorts of weird side effects.
    I'd skip the IGF as well, as you really have no idea what's in it.

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